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Test and QA

Streamline your testing processes and boost productivity through test automation.
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Our testing as a service approach

Our ISTQB qualified team will apply best practices across testing, automation and quality assurance, to help you deliver more frequent, higher quality releases to market, to meet increasing demand.


Our Test and QA services

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Test and QA Consulting 

Achieve the right test coverage and improve product quality.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on test best practice to improve existing processes and accelerate time to market, or you need to improve end customer product experience and quality, we’re here to help.  

Our ISTQB qualified QA and test consultants are well versed in how IT, networking and devices are integrated to deliver telecoms services. We will assess your current level of test coverage and help you plan and implement changes to ensure the right level of testing at each stage of the process.  


Little icon of magnifying glass on a monitor representing Testing as a service.

Testing as a Service

Scale up your test team fast and increase test productivity.

Added pressure to deliver new products and updates to your customers means having the ability to accelerate your testing processes, whilst maintaining high quality standards is critical.   

We can mobilise our test teams fast. Our ISTQB qualified testers will quickly get to work writing test scripts, performing testing and managing defect reporting to a better standard and quality than most internal operations. From design to deployment, we can manage and deliver testing throughout all phases of the development lifecycle.  

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Test Automation

Accelerate product releases whilst reducing development costs.

With increased pressure to roll out more frequent releases comes increased demand for testing, often within far shorter timeframes. So how do you deliver higher quality releases in less time? 

Our ISTQB qualified test experts will identify tests that are suitable for automation. We select the right toolset, configure and develop automated test scripts, then run and optimise the tests. Our proven techniques and in-house tools and assets will help you achieve better quality, consistency and control, whilst increasing productivity. 

Improve product quality

We’ll increase your test coverage, ensuring optimal testing at each stage.

Reduce development costs

We’ll help you automate test cases and identify issues earlier to reduce rework.

SLR Dynamics’ team of highly regarded experts have supported the M-Pesa journey for many, many years and are tightly integrated into the fabric of the M-Pesa organisation.”
Patrick Sobers, Senior Manager Market Delivery at M-Pesa Africa

How can we help you?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific business needs, our team are on hand to help.

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