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Information and Cyber Security

Protect your business and customers from current and future security risks and safeguard your reputation.
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Understand, implement, future proof. 

Security risks need to be managed in a way that aligns with the migration of products and services to the Cloud, and transition to Software Defined Everything (SDx) based on more Open standards. We'll help you understand your vulnerabilities and boost your responsiveness.

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Our Information and Cyber Security services

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Security Risk Assessment  

Are your security policies and implementation fit for purpose? 

With cyber security incidents on the rise, you’ll need to assess how to reduce risk and improve operational resilience to meet today’s standards and protect your business for the future. 

Our team of information and cyber security consultants will perform a structured review using best practice frameworks such as the CAF collection and ISACA COBIT, to identify risks, assess likelihood and impact, giving you a clear picture of areas to prioritise for improvement. With the assessment in hand, you’ll be able to direct investment in resources and tools to address the greatest security vulnerabilities first, protecting your business and reputation in the most effective manner.

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Security Strategy and Transformation  

Upgrade your security systems and processes whilst optimising ROI.

Outdated security policies and systems are no longer suitable for the world of SDx, Cloud and IoT – so you’ll need to define a target blueprint and implementation plan. 

Our information and cyber security consulting services assist you with: building a strategic roadmap, implementing suitable procedures and operational changes, and upgrading to new technologies across critical areas. 

We have a wealth of practical experience deploying these tools across CSPs, governments, Financial Services and other enterprises, and take a phased approach that delivers the right foundations first, and then progresses to adopt the latest AI/Machine Learning and Behavioural Analytics capabilities that will help support the future of your business.

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SecOps (Defence and Detection)  

Enhance your cyber protection with proactive surveillance.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) uses next generation security surveillance infrastructure, supporting government, intelligence agencies and enterprise clients including CSPs and Financial Services. Our team will assess the necessary parameters to baseline your security posture, and transition your security operations from reactive to proactive; enabling you to improve how you prevent, detect and respond to security threats.

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Incidence Response and Recovery 

Minimise damage to your operations, reputation and cashflow.

A cyber security breach can quickly escalate into a major incident or crisis if you’re unable to respond quickly and effectively. We’re here to help you minimise the impact of a breach and prevent potential damage to your business. 

Our team of experts provide practical advice to help you prepare and have the right processes in place to deal with any incident and prevent it from escalating. Our integrated approach focusses on ensuring business continuity and improving your operational resilience, whilst your teams quickly deal with the incident. We’ll leave you with clearly documented playbooks and training for all key personnel that need to engage depending on severity and impact.

Understand and minimise risk

Invest in resources, tools and process that address your greatest security vulnerabilities.

Boost your responsiveness

Detect and deal with incidents quickly to prevent damage to your business.

SLR Dynamics’ team of highly regarded experts have supported the M-Pesa journey for many, many years and are tightly integrated into the fabric of the M-Pesa organisation.”
Patrick Sobers, Senior Manager Market Delivery at M-Pesa Africa

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