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Cloud, Agile and DevOps

Speed up your move to the Cloud, and successfully adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies.
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Assess, Define, Migrate.

With more services becoming Software Defined (SDx) using Open IT stacks, Virtualisation and Cloud are key enablers to improve speed and reduce costs. We’ll accelerate your Cloud migration, help you adopt appropriate Agile methodologies and implement DevOps processes.

Specialist areas 

Our Cloud, Agile and DevOps Services

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Cloud Enablement Services 

Complete your cloud migration faster and achieve better automation. 

Many teams are looking to migrate their development, test, POC, pre-production and production environments to a Cloud provider. Oftentimes existing staff have deep knowledge and understanding of the applications and platforms in their own data centre, but don’t necessarily have the experience of cloud architectures and platforms.​

Our cloud consulting and engineering teams bring the expertise and experience you need, from building the initial business case, to architecture and design, to cloud migration. We take into account all of the relevant performance, scalability and security needs to ensure success.

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Agile Advisory  

Unlock the potential of your organisation to deliver more, faster. 

In order to keep up with rising business demand and customer expectations, development and technical teams need to adopt agile methodologies. But implementing new processes and practices from “text book” and basic training is often ineffective. We’re here to help you achieve a smooth transition.

Our Agile consultants and coaches are certified in a range of methodologies including SAFe and PRINCE2 Agile, and will help you select the right methodology for your organisation. We provide practical coaching, training and mentoring to embed new practices and behaviours, so that you achieve the speed and benefits of agile without compromising on quality and security. 

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DevOps Implementation 

Free up your developers to deliver more software capability 

Adopting DevOps methods of working enables you to enhance customer experience by improving your products and services more rapidly. But for DevOps to work well, you need to have the right automation in place, and to achieve that, you need the right processes, controls and tools.

Our experienced DevOps engineers help you implement DevOps processes, from environment management using Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC), to configuration management, to automated validation with continuous integration and continuous deployment. We help you correctly deploy relevant tools, and we’ve built a NetDevOps solution in-house dedicated for the industry transitioning to Software Defined Everything (SDx), to help you accelerate your DevOps journey. 

Improve CX

Deliver functionality and features that meet your customers’ needs, faster.

Reduce cost to serve

Maximise automation with the right tools and deliver more software capability and fixes.

SLR Dynamics’ team of highly regarded experts have supported the M-Pesa journey for many, many years and are tightly integrated into the fabric of the M-Pesa organisation.”
Patrick Sobers, Senior Manager Market Delivery at M-Pesa Africa

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