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Whether you need to speed up time to market of new products and features, improve quality or adopt new development methodologies; we provide a range of services designed to support your business.

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Product Design and Delivery

Designing and delivering products and feature releases that meet customers’ needs, faster

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Test and QA

Achieving optimal test coverage and automation to deliver a better user experience

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Enterprise Customer Delivery

Migrating customers onto our services faster, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality

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Project Management

Flexing resource to speed up project delivery times whilst reducing cost to deliver

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Cloud, Agile and DevOps

Migrating to the Cloud, adopting agile methodologies and implementing DevOps processes

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Information and Cyber Security

Minimising and managing security risks to protect our customers, organisation and reputation

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SLR Dynamics’ team of highly regarded experts have supported the M-Pesa journey for many, many years and are tightly integrated into the fabric of the M-Pesa organisation.”
Patrick Sobers, Senior Manager Market Delivery at M-Pesa Africa

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Product Design and DeliveryTest and QAEnterprise Customer DeliveryProject ManagementCloud, Agile and DevOpsInformation and Cyber Security

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