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SLR Dynamics – A Year with intern Tom Huntley, Psychology Major.

Picture of Tom Huntley.

The Sales and Marketing Intern Programme at SLR Dynamics is an internship initiative that we launched in 2020. Our aim is to give undergraduate students of various degrees the opportunity to learn and hone new skills as they navigate their way into their careers. The programme will also ensure that students with an aptitude and interest in advancing professionally in technology can explore the opportunities that SLR Dynamics provides.

Tom Huntley is a Psychology major at the University of Reading and our first placement since the initiative launched. He chose to work with us after learning about SLR Dynamics through his mentor (and one of our board advisors) Phil Mossman. Tom shared with us that one of the reasons he decided to work with SLR Dynamics was, “…probably the people. Everyone that I met was super inviting throughout the whole process. Part of my interview process was to meet the CEO, which you do not get the opportunity to do in many companies. Also, technology is something that I am interested in. Being on the cutting-edge of technology is where I really see my career.”

Working during a pandemic has not been without its challenges. Tom, like many others around the world, had to adapt to working from home in a fast-paced environment, without the ‘normal’ day-to-day interactions with colleagues. As he points out, “It’s definitely been strange. I know people who found it really difficult. But at SLR Dynamics, everyone stepped up fully and embraced the technologies that we are using. I know that any time of the day, someone is available for assistance. If I need help with anything, they are there at the end of the phone.” With everyone across the country having to adapt, Tom has been able to fit into the company with ease, using platforms such as Microsoft Teams to participate in the work and social aspects of life at SLR Dynamics. “I have regular catch-ups with the people that I work directly with. That helps to keep the communication going and building those relationships. The Sales & Marketing team has a coffee morning on Thursdays, which is great fun. We all just chat about things that we watched on Netflix, or what's going on in the news, or interesting stuff going on in our lives.”

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Outside of work, Tom is an avid chef. He loves preparing new dishes and says that the past year has allowed him to explore a variety of different recipes, which he might not have done otherwise. He’s also a keen cyclist and gym enthusiast, and, during his downtime or trips back home, he can be seen with his friends cycling through the Somerset countryside.

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Tom’s journey at SLR Dynamics allowed him to work in many departments, giving him a better understanding of the company’s structure and operations. “It's been very interesting. I've got not only an understanding of sales and marketing but an understanding of business operations and finance. And I think the way that the programme is laid out has set me up to be successful in the future. The first month I was working with business operations, understanding what goes into that, what governance we must follow, and what procedures and operations are put in place for the company to work in a streamlined fashion.

“Then I worked with the finance team. Looking at our margins how we make money as a company.

“And those two gave me that kind of backbone of what SLR Dynamics does. It was really important for the later part of the placement year.

“After, I joined the marketing team where I stayed for three months. Then, spending eight weeks with each, I joined three separate account managers. Firstly, looking at the mature accounts, and finally focusing on new business. This gave me sales experience from various angles.”

During his time with us, Tom has worked on a variety of projects, but the one closest to his heart perhaps is the revamp of the SLR Dynamics’ website. During his interview process, Tom was vocal in his confusion over the old website, and how difficult it had been for him to navigate and understand the company’s core products and services. As he remembers, “It [the website] took about eight months from start to finish. All the web copy was created from scratch. We spoke to web agencies; we spoke to graphic designers. We ran workshops with senior stakeholders to ensure that we were aligned with where the business needs to be from a branding perspective and where we want to be in the future. It was a long process. I learned a huge amount along the way, even in terms of how we talk to our suppliers and how we develop those relationships. I think that is something that will go with me for my future experience. Also, the amount of knowledge I took away from this is priceless.” He adds, “There's a lot we had to manage, from the website, SEO to social media, new web rankings in performance, making sure all of those are aligned so that when the project's finished, we've ticked all the boxes and haven't just chucked in a website that might look a bit nicer.”

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When discussing with us the success of his placement year, and whether it met his initial expectations Tom reflects, “I think it’s been very successful. I hope SLR Dynamics does as well! I hope I made a good impression. I've learned what I wanted to learn at the end of the day. What I have really enjoyed about it is that it hasn’t all been set in stone or so structured. I was given the opportunity to go to my manager and say I think x y and z is important… Also, I think my soft skills massively improved. My organisation, my communication, my time management, my prioritisation feels drastically improved.”

So, having spent the better part of the last year with us at SLR Dynamics, and being the company’s first university placement, how does Tom feel about both the experience and SLR Dynamic overall? “SLR Dynamics is full of experienced, intelligent, kind, helpful people that have lived and breathed the technology industry for years.

“They clearly have a huge amount of knowledge and want to share that knowledge with the people that join. I get to speak regularly to people on the board who are massively senior that I would never be able to in a big company. I get to speak to people so experienced that it was quite a privilege at times to be able to have the knowledge from them.

“That I think will set anyone up really well to have a successful career in technology. It has been a really nice experience. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and friendly and just wanting me to better myself. They gave me the freedom to do that in any way that I wish.”

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SLR Dynamics Marketing | September 14, 2021


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